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Light telemanagement system

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Progetto Energia Dark Sky® is a patented light telemanagement system for monitoring, controlling, metering and managing outdoor lighting, it saves energy, improves outdoor lighting reliability and lowers maintenance cost, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Progetto Energia Dark Sky® is the unique “one stop shop solution”, from the  luminaire, through to lighting controls and management systems, that offers the ultimate control in lighting outdoor areas of all kinds.

Dark Sky® gives complete insight into what is taking place within your lighting system, allowing you to communicate with it and with your other systems, enabling each luminaire to be switched on or off, at any time, or to be set to any level, or automatically for instance, adjusting the right lighting level on street, depending on the traffic volume or weather conditions, meanwhile is detecting the operating state, the lamp and system failures, the burning hours, or is metering and billing, the real energy consumption. 

In other words Dark Sky® can monitor, according to ISO 50001 standards,  the age and condition of each lamp, reporting any failure, by exact location, storing all real world information in a database with exact time stamp and geographical location, making the data available to better understand and make decisions concerning energy use and consumption, giving you a measure of the results and  the effectiveness of implemented energy efficiency policies.

This yields considerable energy savings, thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions in compliance with national and international environmental regulations and directives, while offering the opportunity to significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs through extended lamp life and accurate scheduling of service, improving reliability and availability of outdoor lighting.

Intelligent lighting operations

Remote monitoring
• The lighting failures are automatically reported by the system, saving time and costs

Smart asset management
• The digital system smartly plans and routes the maintenance works to minimize street blockages

Smart scene dimming & setting
• Lights are dimmed during low traffic hours to save energy or enhanced in problematic neighborhoods to improve safety

Intelligent energy metering billing
• A smart meter accurately calculates the energy consumption taking into account the varying rates and automatically bills all entities


Getting more and more energy from fewer resources
Getting more and more light from fewer energy

Energy efficiency

The European Union approved tougher energy-saving rules while pursuing a separate plan to limit their impact on demand for allowances to discharge carbon dioxide in the world's biggest emissions-trading market. The European Parliament endorsed a draft law that will require energy distributors to save 1.5 percent of their sale volumes annually. The legislation will also force central governments in the 27-nation EU to refurbish at least 3 percent of their buildings to higher efficiency standards every year. The bloc's national governments have already signalled support for the law, making their final approval a formality in coming weeks.
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Public lighting

pubblica illuminazione

Actions to improve public lighting energy efficiency in the municipalities of Italy
Do you want to turn your energy costs in new development opportunities for your area?
Do you want to find a response to the rising costs of energy supplies? To the constant reduction in revenue? What do we propose through this program?

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European Com. Programs

Progetto Energia s.r.l. is a Greenlight Endorser. The GreenLight Programme is an initiative promoted by the European Commission encouraging pollution prevention electricity consumers to engage in their facilities to install efficient lighting technologies from an energetic point of view.

Progetto Energia s.r.l. supports the Covenant of Mayors. The Covenant of Mayors is the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committing to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources on their territories.

Progetto Energia s.r.l. is a Motor Challenge Endorser. Motor Challenge is an Europaen programme whose aim is to help industries to save energy and improve enviroment.

European Directory of Biomass Technology.


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