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Our vision

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Energy end use as a Renewable Energy
A new energy efficiency driven strategy to achieve:
The cut of more than the 40% of the outdoor lighting energy bill

Vertically integrating  a web based lighting telemanagement system on board electronic dimming gear & power line communication new smart luminaries in a lighting telemanagement system.

Environmental policy

Our mission is:

Having more

paying less

In other words:

Getting more and more energy from fewer resources

Dark sky Environmental benefits

• Less light pollution
• Less consumption of fossil fuels, thus reducing CO2 emissions to comply with national and international environmental regulations and directives
• Less toxic lamp waste

Our energy-saving products have a multitude of benefits. They help mitigate global warming and thus generate environmental, social and economic advantages.

Our outdoor luminaires are manufactured exclusively with 100% recyclable materials.
Our approach is aimed to:
- Develop new technologies, that will reduce more and more primary energy consumption for the same performance;
- Engineer our products and our manufacturing processes, to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly:
- Using recyclable materials such as glass and aluminum;
- Eliminating mercury from our products, implementing new products standards according to   RoHS and WEEE legislation directive for Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.


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Getting more and more energy from fewer resources
Getting more and more light from fewer energy


Italy Headquarters: via Tuscolana, 739
00174 Roma
Global Headquarters: via Sistina, 121
00187 Roma
Phone: +39 06 47818451
Fax: 06 47818444
P.IVA and Cod. Fisc. 06992771003