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Energy telemanagement and monitoring systems

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Progetto Energia provides a telemanagement system for monitoring, controlling, metering and managing outdoor lighting through a web-based software.
Based on new technologies, it saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves outdoor lighting reliability and lowers the maintenance cost.
Each individual light point can be switched off/on or dimmed at any time. Operating state, energy consumption and failures are reported and stored in a database with exact timestamp and geographical
location. All the received information is stored on dedicated servers making the data available for longterm evaluations like energy analysis, lamp life time forecasting, problem detection, etc.

Progetto Energia helps public lighting managers to assure the right lighting level on streets while improving reliability of outdoor lighting and reducing operating costs.
Due to its architecture Progetto Energia makes the public lighting network part of the internet, enabling to do anything whatever possible with modern web based applications. By using electronic powerline comunication EN 500-65 1 FSK each luminarie is individually controlled, monitored and manipulated to save energy and increase the streets safety level increasing the power factor till 0,99. Each lamp can be step-less dimmed individually, depending on the day, the traffic and climatic conditions. In periods when the traffic is low the need for light is lower, according to EN13201/2/ 3/ 4 and the illumination level can be reduced.

Here are some standard operations:
1. The constant control of the state of the equipment and the safety of the entire plant, in particular it measures:
1. The active energy (total and for each phase);
2. The reactive energy (overall and for each phase);
3. The cosφ (the power factor);
4. The active, reactive and total power (overall and for each phase);
5. Any imbalances and malfunctions of the cable distribution system;
6.The unique identification of faulty components (each plant and each armor are equipped with a code that uniquely identifies them);
7. The monitoring and recording on graphical diagrams.


Getting more and more energy from fewer resources
Getting more and more light from fewer energy


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